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WP139 - Short Top Motor Mount

WP139 - Short Top Motor Mount

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Part Number:WP139
WP139 Top Motor Mount features polished billet construction. Provides a coil mounting location that is up and behind the normal top motor mount location, leaving this area open for Wire Plus switch housings and other billet products.  Mounts twin cam coils and most new style coils that do not have the electrical connections on the ends. (Dyna 2000i, Crane Hi-4)
Fits most motors under 100 cubic inches including Harley Davidson Evolution and Twin Cam motors, as well as engines by S&S and TP Engineering.
Works with most frames from stock Harley Davidson soft tail or swing arm frames, to custom rigid frames.  Due to motor and frame variations and the custom mounting location of the coil, this part may require custom fitting to your application.

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